Los Angeles Lakers Trophy Presentation Ceremony - 2020 NBA Finals

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  • Yo who's the girl in green pants at 15:32

    udith sethuudith sethu小时 前
  • All of you guys ( pundits) were saying that it’s a cakewalk and not a real ring and yet you picked Portland to knock them out in the first round. Just zip it already every time you down Lebron you look pathetic

    Spyros FanariotisSpyros Fanariotis9 小时 前
  • My team the Lakers won LETS GO LAKERS

    bellam04bellam0416 小时 前

    CatGamingYT1CatGamingYT118 小时 前
  • Bron win in thunder(2011-2012) Bron win his 2nd chip in mavs(2012-2013 Bron win his 3rd chip in spurs(2013-2014) Bron win his 4th chip in cavs(2015-2016 Bron win his 5th ring in bubble with lakers(2019-2020).....lebron had 5 ring? Although it's just 4.... Can someone explain this???

    Lionell RoqueLionell Roque天 前
  • Man it feels sad still without kobe but life goes on and kobe is watching from above I believe and happy that his team has won. Rip kobe, and congratulations to lakers

    Solid WisdomSolid Wisdom天 前
  • He ain’t cryin right now, but he gon cry when he get in da car 🤣 🤣 #Friday

    Dreams Do FlyDreams Do Fly天 前
  • "Hello may I speak with Draymond Green" "Sure dial 15-50 to reach Mr. Green" "I did and there was no ring"

    ExclusiveLMExclusiveLM天 前
  • Jason kidd 2time nba champs

    Vintage rustfilms tvVintage rustfilms tv2 天 前
  • This made me Hype so Much! Glad their Champs again! LBJ FMVP!

    E EE E2 天 前
  • kostas antentokounmpo's ring is worth more than KD's 2 rings

    bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyui2 天 前
  • Tough way for the Heat to go out after the crazy playoff run they went on. In the face of adversity, with the season under possible collapse; for all of these teams, players and staff to sacrifice 3 months of their time away from family, for the most part.. It’s an even stronger testament to the greatness that the Miami Heat have to look forward to in their future. Jimmy Butler is a dawgg, but I think most everybody that watches ball knew that long before the Heat wisely snagged him. Him being limited offensively by the Lakers defense in game 6 is what sealed it, sadly. Hate to see a guy like that lose in that fashion, but he has the hunger and has at least tasted a finals now, so I feel like there is only good to come from all of this. That all being said now, CONGRATS to the LA Lakers organization on their 2020 NBA Championship. Lebron followed through on his promise and delivered yet another championship to a THIRD franchise. You can hate the man for whatever reason you so choose. Some have a problem accepting greatness in this life out of form of jealousy, I personally believe. I used to have that issue as well until I realized that these players careers obviously don’t last forever, and to be able to watch history being made.. who could ask for anymore, let alone find room for hate in that? Anyways.. Frank Vogel is a lot better coach than I have personally given him credit for, and I think the media has even given to him. He willed the Lakers into a defensive unit and that was on full display in these playoffs. Definitely happy for the other greats on the team that finally were able to capture their 1st rings as well. AD, Dwight, Dudley.. These boys worked hard for this one. Let’s hope for a full, virus-free season next time around. I feel like the Lakers will definitely be in contention for some time to come, but that prolly goes without saying 🤷🏽‍♂️🙏🏼 Bless up. Thanks for reading this book lmao 😂

    Tyler RustTyler Rust2 天 前
  • Why was Drake so involved with the 2019 NBA Finals? cnfrom.info/ex/1omSamdlZXqmnH4/sh-p-n.html

    two witnessestwo witnesses2 天 前
  • LeBron- “The best thing you can do for your teammates is be available.” Avery Bradley-😅

    dcoog anmldcoog anml3 天 前
    • This is amazing

      bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyui2 天 前
  • 15:12 when the mic dropped and LeBron’s reaction was priceless 😂😂😂😂

    Vic GiranVic Giran3 天 前

    Yurp SkiYurp Ski3 天 前
  • Kyra

    Jayteey MaxJayteey Max3 天 前
    • Guests

      Jayteey MaxJayteey Max3 天 前
  • Kobe would be proud

    Quentin BiehlQuentin Biehl3 天 前
    • LAKERS Back to Glory Kobe & Gigi this is 4 you!!🏆

      dcoog anmldcoog anml3 天 前
  • They said this was the least watched championship of all-time anyway basketball is finally over and now we can watch the real sport and that's football, basketball next to football doesn't stand a chance

    johnny carterjohnny carter3 天 前
  • Michael Jordan 🐐

    Blue WidowBlue Widow4 天 前
  • Lebron still not as good as jordan

    Blue WidowBlue Widow4 天 前
  • This is all to the MJ fanboys suck it!!!

    freedomfyterfreedomfyter4 天 前
  • Coach Vogel left Rob Pelinka hanging lol

    Alex MendozaAlex Mendoza4 天 前
  • was with LEBRON as his teammate 😅 And now together in ONE TEAM, your NBA CHAMPION 2020: Congratulations LOS ANGELES LAKERS 🏆

    seeni gztyseeni gzty4 天 前
  • He wants respect without giving it to others... He could have mentioned Kobe (because he was a Laker icon and passed away this year), he couldn´t have called himself "The GOAT" (because so many great players in the past, not to mention the real GOAT: Jordan), he could have stayed in one team, max two... (because people expect great players to do great things with a variety of players: bad, regular, good, and great... and he just want to be surrounded by great ones), he could have stopped showing off every time he finished a a play against a minor opponent (but he decided to brag in front of them...) Really??? He wants respect... damn respect...

    Alejandro SalcedoAlejandro Salcedo5 天 前
  • Rajon Rondo Respect

    cicllonus primecicllonus prime5 天 前
  • I thought this was for Kobe ... I guess not 😔

    jacqueline vegajacqueline vega5 天 前
    • Who cares!! 🤣🤣🤣

      seeni gztyseeni gzty4 天 前
  • Coach vogels is an awesome coach!!!

    Byron RussellByron Russell5 天 前
  • This is amazing

    sehhi vootysehhi vooty5 天 前
  • He dnt have to pay respec to Kobe everytime he get on the mic wen it come to the lakers he gave tribute already wen the news about kobe first came out let him have his moment

    Jay DJay D5 天 前
  • Frank Vogel mad cringe

    Michael KitlinskiMichael Kitlinski6 天 前
  • LAKERS Back to Glory Kobe & Gigi this is 4 you!!🏆

    TripledoublemachineL23 L23TripledoublemachineL23 L236 天 前
  • No one: Rob Pelinka: WOOOO!

    Luis IbarraLuis Ibarra6 天 前
  • 5:03 Rob Pelinka left hanging

    Luis IbarraLuis Ibarra6 天 前
  • Can they posthumously include the 2020 NBA finals as Kobe's 6th ring.His memory is the one that drove Lakers to win it all

    s4xtts4xtt6 天 前
  • Social justice? Way to forever taint that moment, you pathetic sellout.

    SnakeSnake6 天 前
  • cnfrom.info/ex/n5djg6emiqWqeqg/sh-p-n.html

  • was with LEBRON as his teammate 😅 And now together in ONE TEAM, your NBA CHAMPION 2020: Congratulations LOS ANGELES LAKERS 🏆

    bilishu alissbilishu aliss6 天 前
  • 5.07 pelinka hanged lol lakerssss let’s go 18!!

    dimitris mylonasdimitris mylonas6 天 前
  • For Kobe!

    Philip MillsPhilip Mills7 天 前
  • only season i followed from start to end and lbj gets a ring!!

    ravikiran bheemaiahravikiran bheemaiah7 天 前
  • Who cares!! 🤣🤣🤣

    G 49G 497 天 前
    • This 4th ring doesn't mean shit for Bron. He got carried by Caruso!!

      bilishu alissbilishu aliss6 天 前
  • This team was amazing!!!! Everyone doubted us... “Clippers are better” look who got the last laugh now! Let’s go Lakers!!!!

    Mike SawmaMike Sawma7 天 前
  • They give them the championship they all with let the team win the championship when something bad happens its the true they didn't it to the new England patriots back in 2001 for because 9/11 for the red white and blue so ya we all know they got a free nba championship for Kobe Bryant

    christopher cruzchristopher cruz7 天 前
  • This is for kobe and lakers fans ⬇️

    bilinas minibilinas mini7 天 前
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    Lisa MegLisa Meg7 天 前

    KKBoi 7KKBoi 77 天 前
  • Pelinka wanted that high five so bad lmfaooo 5:05

    Joker NationJoker Nation7 天 前
    • This is so wonderful because you will look up and see kobe smiling to his favorite team

      bilinas minibilinas mini7 天 前
  • Tom Brady the longest prime in professional sports prove me wrong

    Dominic FunkDominic Funk7 天 前
  • JR chasing LeBron around like “when we getting our next ring LeBron”

    Dominic FunkDominic Funk7 天 前
  • I would make sweet love to Jeanie buss

    shamy desfinesshamy desfines7 天 前
  • thanks to adam silver for allowing us to resume the season.🙏😎 without his help we wouldnt even be here or be in the position we are. thank you adam silver. 🙏

    thisguy177thisguy1777 天 前
  • I may be a clippers fan but i gotta pay respect where it's due good win lakers and good performance heat they both played well and it was a good series to watch

    chris wansleychris wansley7 天 前
  • Ad was taking about kobe and Lebron was joking with teammates and teasing behind and after dancing with the trophies! Wow!

  • city girls act up

    Alyssa GallopAlyssa Gallop8 天 前
  • This 4th ring doesn't mean shit for Bron. He got carried by Caruso!!

    Michael DMichael D8 天 前
  • Does damarcus cousins get a ring? He was on the lakers roster?

    omar abu-raddahaomar abu-raddaha8 天 前
  • Let’s be honest, we all saw this coming.

    gioyu comigioyu comi8 天 前
  • cnfrom.info/ex/m3mId4iTqq6mbqg/sh-p-n.html 原來是他!

    迪哥迪哥8 天 前
  • Let’s go I can’t believe it never thought I’d see another one congratulations Lakers also rip Kobe this is all for you

    Aydan Aydan 2Aydan Aydan 28 天 前
  • Rob being snobbed of a "Give me five".

    Cherry Gem CayogaCherry Gem Cayoga8 天 前
  • The Fakers! A bunch of cast-off unoriginal Lakers...this was like an AAU or summer league squad... Kyle Kuzma is the only young original Laker left and he was made to feel like an outsider. As a Lakers fan from way back to 1977 this championship was watered down. Congrats to Jeannie Buss though; I'm happy for her! Be glad when fake ass LeBron James retires.

    El - AminEl - Amin8 天 前
  • This is so wonderful because you will look up and see kobe smiling to his favorite team

    Wii_IraxsWii_Iraxs8 天 前
  • Thank You God they did it for Kobe & Gianna

    Latasha EdwardsLatasha Edwards8 天 前
  • LJ is the only 3team CHAMPIONSHIP MVP

    bailyn daluyonganbailyn daluyongan8 天 前
  • Who else saw Polinka getting his high five rejected by coach

    Knockout_BessieKnockout_Bessie8 天 前

    Arodx34xArodx34x8 天 前
  • Imagine being the heat in the locker room and all u hear is “WORLD CHAMPIOOONNSS” 4:24 LMAO

    Sequence MCSequence MC8 天 前
  • cnfrom.info/ex/qGWTo4yHin6Kl3o/sh-p-n.html 😱🔥↗

    اغيد مرشد AGHYAD MORSHYDاغيد مرشد AGHYAD MORSHYD9 天 前
  • For Kobe,Gianna,and Chadwick, Black Paradise ⚫

    HopefulHopeful9 天 前
  • Darren Collison at home thinking, "I was that close to getting a ring."

    abbsnn coseabbsnn cose9 天 前
  • Imagine You’re Scrolling Down & Found This Miss You Kobe😭

    Sudais KhanSudais Khan9 天 前
  • No One Literally No One ☝🏻 Me:- Remembering Kobe & Craying In The Corner

    Sudais KhanSudais Khan9 天 前
  • 5:04😂😂😂 embarrassing

    yt willyt will9 天 前
    • #FORKOBE

      abbsnn coseabbsnn cose9 天 前
  • Rob Pelinka Raise his hands but in a second he embarrassed XD

    Jhastin LMJhastin LM9 天 前
  • Someone needs to make a snow globe out of their picture for Christmas and call it the Bubble Boys.

    j Oj O9 天 前
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    Planet Cookie QuizPlanet Cookie Quiz9 天 前
  • He will NEVER be 6 in 6!

    JustinJustin9 天 前
  • Even the Lakers owner is fake🤦 what’s up with that facelift

    AfFro HDAfFro HD9 天 前
  • This was very moving to watch. ........LAKERS fan since 75. K.O.B.E.............Love to Lakers Nation!

    Kemmitt MalikKemmitt Malik9 天 前
  • 5:08 when you're not really part of the team hahaha

    Francis Robert FontanillaFrancis Robert Fontanilla9 天 前
  • I'm gonna say it.. the Bubble was a paradise hotel-resort with no travelling required. I hate how they make it as if it was the hardest time of their lives, i call bs on the Bubble. still very happy for Lebron not LA. lol

    Tony LTony L9 天 前

      Tony LTony L8 天 前
  • Shout out to pat beverly. It's over now.

    Jan BalagaJan Balaga9 天 前
  • #ForKobe

    NightFlyerNightFlyer9 天 前
  • LJ never got old!

    王者自走棋王者自走棋9 天 前
  • 5:03 mans left him hanging

    Bob WillisBob Willis9 天 前
  • It’s great to see 2 other former No. 1 overall picks AD & Dwight finally winning a title!


    EJManuel60EJManuel609 天 前
  • opsss! 5:04 High five!!!!..

    Lordan Reboja JrLordan Reboja Jr9 天 前
  • I will never watch the NBA again. Lebron ruined it. He is not, nor ever will be a Michael Jordan or even Kobe. He is the complete 180 of Kobe or MJ. Loved MJ man. MJ built it, and lebron tore it down and ruined it. Rediculous.

    Big DoggBig Dogg9 天 前
  • I want my damn respect too

    Chester Wilson Jr.Chester Wilson Jr.9 天 前
  • صلو على محمد عليه افضل الصلاة والسلام ❤❤❤

    eisaa عيسىeisaa عيسى9 天 前
  • Tribute to Lebron: cnfrom.info/ex/qnVobHpmeauseWk/sh-p-n.html

    Crow ProductionsCrow Productions9 天 前
  • 8:35 look at kuzma

    Im number 3Im number 39 天 前
  • Quinn Cook still there

    FuzzyFuzzFuzzyFuzz9 天 前
  • Lebron gone end up wit more rings than Jordan ....keep hating ....He the best ever statistic wise already ....2 more rings and its undeniable 💪🏾💯 👑

    Ace PirateAce Pirate10 天 前
    • Then only thing jordan fans gonna say is jordan didn’t lose in the finals...LeGoat is best👑

      Im ZBoatIm ZBoat9 天 前
  • MOST boring final play off ngl, compare to heat and ceverland. Davis ronda howard carried :)

    GODLOVEME12345GODLOVEME1234510 天 前
  • LeBron- “The best thing you can do for your teammates is be available.” Avery Bradley-😅

    Joe GaffJoe Gaff10 天 前
    • He’s son has respiratory problems why would he risk his sons life for a trophy smh

      Edgar CastroEdgar Castro7 天 前
    • Naa I think that was to kyrie 😂

      James SmithJames Smith8 天 前
  • Rondo in game 6 was like watching the old Celtics playoffs Rondo. He's come a long way and I'm happy he balled out this game

    RaisinRaisin10 天 前